Fear Of Success: A Real Brick In Your Life Path

You worked your way up to having the life you always dreamed about. With your new promotion you have the best job out there. You have raised a beautiful family in the house that you always wanted. It does sound like something everybody will kill to have. However, fear of success is one of the most common weird phobias and fears that you can find.

In our list of weird phobias we mentioned fear of success as on of those weird phobias. Fear of success is an abnormal anxiety to think that you will fail to be happy after all your goals have been accomplished. Fear of success is an unusual thought that you are not worthy of the recognition, and good situations that happen to you. These phobias and fears make an individual act as if they didn’t have the skills or knowledge to perform tasks and achieve success. On the top of all, these weird phobias, create a person unable to enjoy honors and recognition for a job well performed.

Among so many fears in the list of phobias that you just read, you may wonder what the negative sides of fear of success are.

1) Weird phobias like this one can cause problematic decision-making and difficulty to resolve issues.

2) Feelings of guilt, anxiety, confusion and unhappiness may arise whenever you have reachd a successful point in your life.

3) Fear of success often means sabotaging everything that you have achieved in your life. Yo become a victim for everyone else.

4) Such phobias and fears make the person lose motivation or desire to embark themselves in new professional, personal or spiritual journey.

What possible solutions can one implement to overcome fear of success?

1) A person suffering from these fears and phobias needs to confront and remove those fears in a

2) Scratch one item in your list of phobias by vanquishing your anxieties of not being good enough. Do not procrastinate, and do not avoid doing your chores.

3) Set up real, achievable goals, without self-sabotage. Sacrifices and rewards come hand in hand.

4) Always express your ideas without hesitation. Do not feel guilty for success when someone you know has had a bad luck in their life. Your phobias and fears do not control your life.

Phobias and fears are not that uncommon in our society. We only need to identify them and learn how to cope with them. To learn more about other phobias, you can consult our list of phobias in our site weird phobias dot com.Our list of phobias include links to other weird phobias like fear of long words, fear of clowns and more.