Fear Of Driving – A Mental Traffic Jam

Hectic traffic, unbearable noise, trucks passing by at full speed, children playing in the street, traffic lights going green-going red, make a right make a left? Fear of driving is probably one of the most common phobias nowadays.

Fear of driving can start gradually as the driver gets involved in unpleasant episodes, or it can be a mental disorder that has been carried since early years. Moreover, this fear is sometimes an intermittent sensation that goes on and off.

What are the possible reasons that causes a person to avoid driving a car?

1) Fear of driving usually comes from a traumatic situation. It comes from a past experience that the driver suffered. It could have been a tragic car accident, a near-death experience, a damage done to another driver, pedestrian or property, a hijack, or a late night routine that ended up in a robbery.

2) Anxiety produce by a stressful situations can cause fear of driving for a shorter period of time. The driver under this circumstances doesn’t feel ready to take the steering wheel after they have emotionally overcome any anxious state that they have suffered.

Many researches argue that fear of driving is 100% treatable. There is no need to forget completely about moving around by your own, since it exists many techniques that can enhance recovery for the sufferer.

1) Relaxing your body and your mind is very important. By listening to some soothing music, you can really learn to maintain calm in stressful situations, to relax your ears and to enjoy the overall driving experience. You maybe surprised at the effect it creates in the brain.

2) Gradually set up a goal to overcome your fear of driving. Set up a realistic goal if, and start an intense driving schedule. Start by driving small distances at a very slow speed. Cruise around your neighborhood and stop as many times as necessary to prevent increasing fear to reach uncontrollable levels. You may get yourself accompanied by a friend or a family member. This eases the negative reaction towards driving and provides an extra aspect of safe.

3) As if you were new in this planet, learn how to breath, or even better learn new techniques to control your breathing. People with high levels of anxiety tend to alter the normal pace of regular breathing, causing the panic state to flourish even more. Try breathing from the stomach and not the chest. Place one hand in your navel and another on your chest to guarantee that your are using the proper breathing exercise. Like in many other critical situations in life, a relaxed breathing can provide you with amazing levels of consciousness and tranquility.