Weird Phobias That Control Your Life

FearWeird phobias and fears are an abnormal response to supposed danger. This danger is usually an exaggerated reaction to an imagined or irrational situation. Weird phobias like fear of success, fear of long words or fear of driving are only a few of the weird phobias in the list of phobias that we have prepared in this site.

People can develop these weird phobias up to a ridiculous level. Ridiculous for the «normal eye’, because these phobias and fears are real environmental circumstances for the person that believes in that reality and has to deal with those situations everyday. A common fear and anxiety that affects many men all over the world is that of not being able to perform sexually, to have impotence or erectile dysfunction problems, that can easily be treated with (Sildenafil Citrate) or generic Cialis (Tadalafil), when in turn buy viagra or Viagra Online are really easy at a pharmacy in the internet.

For many, fear of success is an irrational weird phobia. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy being a total hit at work, in school or in the community. But indeed, there are people that suffer from fear of success and it alters immensely their lifestyle.

Phobias and fears affect people of all ages (you can find an exhaustive list of phobias in a related article). Fear of long words is a really weird phobia that not many are familiar with. Some children may have a hard pronouncing a word like «absoluteness’, but others are actually wetting their pants with only thinking about it. Fear of long words happens with adults as well. I roll myself on the floor laughing when I hear someone trying to say «otorhinolaryngologist’, but an unlucky minority would cringe at just reading this article.

One other weird phobia, is fear of driving. If you think carefully, fear of driving is a well grounded phobia. A absurd increase of car accidents and deaths on the road have even made me a fear of driving individual. I don’t want to be out there, when all this traffic mayhem is happening. However, fear of driving as weird phobias goes beyond of just avoiding being on the street.

The humongous list of phobias that you can have find anywhere shares the same characteristics, like the fear of dentist or doctor. Phobias and Fears are emotional reactions to an uncomfortable situation that causes physical and mental responses. Some of the symptoms that affect all of these weird phobias and fears like fear of success or fear of long words include:

1) Horror, terror, confusion, fear and uncontrollable feelings of panic.

2) Unawareness that phobias and fears go beyond.

3) Acceleration of heart beat, extreme sweating, trembling, breathing problems.

4) Extreme desire to back down and avoid the situation.

Fear of success, fear of long words, fear of clowns and many more weird phobias and fears affect greatly the individuals who suffer the condition. A list of weird phobias is provided in another article to better understand the range and variety of this irrational fear to certain people, activities, conditions or situations.